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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 6, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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barbecue. right now we are in the 60s. 65 at reagan national. very comfortable. a lot of blue sky across the region and low humidity setting up for a nice labor day holiday. 61 in ocean city. still low 50s in hagerstown, 53. and 56 for you in winchester. looking at our satellite radar should be quiet today as high pressure continues across the mid-atlantic. i know it's dry the last couple of bays but we saw the clouds and storminess will stay well to the north. so more dry weather in the forecast today and a warming trend into tomorrow and wednesday. i'll have more details on that in just a moment. but for the holiday, fantastic, a lot of sunshine and we'll just go flat out beautiful. 85 degrees with winds out of the south at 4 miles per hour. more details coming up in just a minute. gurvir and allison, back to you. top story this morning. allegations of election fraud in prince george's county. >> we're talking about bogus
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ballots sent to residents telling them who to vote for. sarah simmons is live at a polling station in largo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are candidates that say that a sample ballot handing out that they believe there is something wrong and don't think there is something right with this ballot. and angela ashbrook is a candidate for state's attorney in prince george's county. she said a fake ballot arrivedn at her parent's house and listed her as running for two different offices. and it claims that anthony muse endorsed the candidates listed inside but once you flip over the ballot it tells you to vote for his important-- opponent instead. >> and the worst part is this is a illegal document. it listed citizens of change and there is no listed corporation.
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>> it is a violation of campaign law to have a committee that does not commit. >> reporter: now muse has been blaming three candidates that are listed on the ballot for this ballot. his opponent albert chatmon, and kriselda valderrama and jerry mathis, who, by the way, we just spoke with over the phone a few minutes ago, he's claiming the allegations about the ballot and if there is any wrongdoing, he said the allegations are false and these kind of ballots or pam -- pamphlets have been available in the past. and he also said that the organization "citizens for change" is an existing organization. at this point we are going to look into these developments,
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talking with jerry mathis and the candidates as well. also the board of elections. but as the election season draws closer there are a lot of things being thrown about. and we'll have the latest coming up on fox 5 morning news. early voting picked back up in the district today. city officials opened up four new voting locations saturday in the district and more than 3400 showed up. september 14th is the primary day in the district. jim graham is slamming a new political robo call that attacks the ward one representative on the issue of the abortion. it is said that he paid for an abortion of a credit card and repaid by a former staffer. the recording said paying to take a life is evil. jim graham is wretched, immoral and does not everybody to
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represent us. his challengers deny any involvement. former virginia governor joined tim kaine in fairfax going door to door to spread the message. connelly said a lot is at stake and his party can get the job done. >> you can't turn around the worst recession in 80 years in 18 months. i wish you could. but we, god know it, have been trying, and the other sides only answer is no. >> the canvass kickoff as part of the grassroots campaign to mobilize voters this election year. president's obama is unveiling another move to fix the failing economy this week. aids confirm he will vote a permanence extension of a popular tax credit and a break
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for research incentive and a tax holiday. >> we like to see deathbed cob versions -- conversions, but if we had done this thing a couple of years ago, we would be in better shape. >> there are a series recovery assets available. saturday marks - saturday marks 9 years since nine years since the 9/11 attacks. american muslims are airing ads showing solidarity with the u.s. ahead of the anniversary. it comes in the wake of a decision to build a mosque near ground zero. tomorrow the islamic society of north america will hold a demonstration here. other leaders are invited to a
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growing rally. attorney's general for more than a dozen state's led a crusade against craig's list sex ads and now it's marked as censored. marianne rafferty reports. >> reporter: a black bar with the word "censored" now in place over craig's list adult services section. >> these prostitution ads enable human trafficking, assault on women, they flagrant and rampant. >> this comes after a open letter from 17 state's attorney general in august. >> we don't believe this is the end of the effort, we need to make sure they will follow through on what they've done. >> and so what this is by the attorney's general is show boating. >> reporter: it's not clear if the shutdown of the section is permanent. the ads which cost $10 to post and $5 to repot are expected to bring in over $44 million this year. >> a lot of money was involved but craig's list is doing the right thing volume untearly.
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>> reporter: craig's list is refusing to comment. this change could shake up the site. >> it's much safer than if this were driven underground and of course it is now going to be driven underground. >> the internet can be a place of and benefit. but it also has a lot of peril. and these ads were the dark side of the internet and craigslist doing the right thing can provide a model for other protection acts. >> reporter: they are checked against liability for what users post on the site. it is not clear what influence this will have on the posting of ads. fox news. one teenage woman and a manr were hit by a drive-by shooting. the girl was seriously injured with a bullet to the thigh.
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the extent of the other victim's wounds are unknown. the university of maryland telling students to stay safe on the streets. >> as audrey barns explains, leaders are urging students to protect themself. >> i got an emergency alert on my cell phone. >> reporter: the latest attack at hardwick is too close for tom. a student walking alone at 2:00 a.m. on saturday was beaten and robbed by four suspects. >> i've heard about a couple of muggings before and we live right over here so it's crazy. >> reporter: on august 29th, three students waiting for a bus on berwyn heights road were approached by suspects. a couple of them went to the fire station for help but one was robbed. >> they are praying on them in
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the early morning or late evening hours. >> reporter: and two days before that, in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. this time they left karaoke at 3:45 a.m. >> we don't know if it's the same group of people but basic information about the times they are occurring, this may by linked. >> reporter: police are urging students to keep their guards up. >> be aware and walk with someone else, not late at night. >> i go jogging by myself but never out here and never late at time. >> if i ever feel threatened, or if there was something, i would try to call 911. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> the most serious injuries were cuts and bruises. two suspects, a 15 and 20-year- old have been caught but investigators warn they are looking for eight more. would you believe if he
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many i told through are celebs out there rolling in the same kind of cars that you do. coming up next. we'll talk with the author of a new book. and why are virginia's dmv's open today? we'll have details next. much more on fox 5 morning news. we're coming back after the break. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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several virginia dmv offices will be open today. state is working to clear up a backlog of driver's license applications. thousands of people could not renew nor apply for their licenses because of a computer glitch. offices in alexandria, leesberg are open today. you can go to and look under web links for more information. a reminder about major changes on the redline for
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labor day. today the takoma, silver spring, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations are shut down friday night at 10:00 and service will resume 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. metro is offering free shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. workers are replacing old track switches and laying new track and in stalling safety lights and repairing water leaks. the tract work might have you jumped in the car today and some celebrities roll in the same kind of cars we do. steve sat down with barbara terry, the author of how athletes roll. she had some simple things to keep an eye on to make sure your car is running right and things ladies can ensure they are not being taken for a ride at the mechanic's shop. >> if you're heading out of town and looking for advice for the road trip or maybe just want some advice for picking up a hot new ride, we have some help. we are joined by the author barbara terry. >> thanks for having me.
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>> i like the book cover. very catching. and when you talk about the celebrities, you got an in depth look on what people are driving out there. >> when you put 40 great named athletes into one publication, it's amazing the stories you are able to compile in here. things that were printed and things that weren't. but i wanted to focus on the athletes, not just the ones that drive the bling. not the masker oughties like jeeps that we drive or pickup trucks and hondas so we could relate to what they drive. >> and some people who may have been prize fighters who drive green cars. >> he drives around in a smart car and his family in a green hybrid tahoe. >> you wouldn't expect to see
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that in the driver's seat. >> but it is pretty captivating. >> and i think you mentioned it, not just the blinged out vehicles that we associate with athletes, but a lot of daily drives can kind of the same thing that a lot of us would use. a lot of suvs and trucks or regular cars. >> and especially the first vehicle. an old beat up pontiac or an old chrysler. so we can all identify with what our first vehicle was with their first vehicles. >> but you did find some blinged out ones as well. what did you like that you saw. >> what was my favorite might not be your favorite. but michael douglas mercedess that he has is very complex and captivating and that he grew up in germany and so he learned how to drive on the autobahn, and there are tons of stories and photos in the book.
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each athlete gets a six page chapter of interview q&a. >> and what they are up to these days, which is great. and let's talk about working around cars. you've worked around cars, driving, races, team ownership and reporting. and when we talk about hitting the road, and a lot of times we talk about these all of the time, what do you do to prepare to get your car in gear. with the economic situation we want to get the most out of our car. what should we look for? >> it's important to make sure your health is up to par. i equate it to my body's health. we want to run the right fluids and get the regular checkups. make sure to use the face cream. look under the hood to make sure the oil and transfission fluid is topped off. 90% of our driving decision is based on visibility, make sure to get the dead bugs off your
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windshield. and another thing is tire pressure. not only to keep the proper tire pressure to save 2% on fuel mileage but our tires cushion the car to the road so make sure they have the right tire pressure. and check the condition of your spare tire. you don't want to get out on a vacation and find out you have a flat tire and rubber does rot. >> and my girlfriends think that they will get taken advantage of. any help or tips for the ladies out there. >> if you don't know exactly where to go to get your car worked on, call your better business bureau. if you want to get a second opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. if you do go into a shop and then the mechanic it wills is going to replace a part. have them point out the part
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and tell you why it needs to be replaced and when you pick it up, have them point to it that was taken off and you can visually see the repair is being made and you are getting what you paid for. >> nothing wrong with asking questions. >> thanks for answering ours. barbara terry. this is called -- how athletes roll. we have more on the investigation into the disastrous leak into the gulf. we'll tell you about the piece of the busted out oil well that will hold the secret to what happened. and holly is taking a step back inside. >> reporter: when is the last time you saw someone with an 11- inch waist? did i say it's a cinch. with her it is. this is a cheesy monkey side show and something you'll only see at the maryland renaissance
9:20 am
festival. you can come out and see this more on fox 5 morning news. you know that's not normal, now. >> be careful. you need back up in there. and a look at today's trivia question. when was the first labor day observation? was in 1905, 1964, 1885, or 1882? the answer is coming up later, but you can take a guess right now by heading to our facebook page. much more ahead this morning. it's 9:20. don't go anywhere. ksgo t
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we have a news alert just coming into fox 5. we're learning of a tragedy out near the race track in charlestown, west virginia. a fire at four barns near the track has killed 40 race horses. that fire broke out just after 4:30 this morning on 5th avenue in ranson, west virginia. it's unclear how it started. barns are not on the race track
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property but very close by. caught on camera, dash cam video of three deputies saving a man from a burning car. a passerby first tried to get the man out but couldn't get inside. within 3 minutes the three deputies arrived with flames growing more intense, they quickly realized the driver's side wouldn't open so they burst out a window on the passenger side and pulled that man out. he is expected to make a full recovery. one month since the major mine collapse in northern chile and in tension -- and continuations increasing. one wife and mistress has been keeping vigil for the same man. and because of squabbling among relatives sh the 33 miners have had to send up a note designated who should get their august salary of $1,600. the good news is for the first time the trapped men were able to communicate directly with loved ones.
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relatives spoke with miners at a video conference. militants attacked in bagdad. american troops were fought in to fight for the first time since combat operations have ended. none of them were hurt. two attackers died trying to breach the gates. the same compound was attacked previously. bp pulled the failed blowout preventer this weekend. it took longer than expected because the device developed crystals on it. that complicated the recovery. the equipment is a key piece of evident in the spill because it allows the deepwater horizon to explode. it's being sent to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis. are you looking for a great way to celebrate labor day today? julie is at an event that is sure to get you in the sell battory mood. and will albert haynesworth play in the weekend season opener? we'll take a look at that as fox 5 morning news continues after the break. h , t
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well earl is now nothing more than a memory. but the storm's after-effects are lingering. nova scotia was one of the hardest hit. heavy winds and rain caused extensive damage there. uprooting trees and power lines and it did cause one fatality. a man drowned wild trying to tie up his boat when it got loose from the mooring. >> now here in the state, people are heading back out to the shores in north carolina and were hit with serious traffic tieups. businesses say there are 25% fewer tourists on the outer banks this weekend but the east coast certainly was spared what it could have gotten. it could have been a whole heck of a lot worse. >> absolutely. it was a close call. just 150 miles off shore. but good news is the worst stayed well out to sea. so that was good. the beaches and the water was off limits for swimming on saturday for most of the beaches. >> and earl left and left
9:30 am
behind a beautiful weekend. >> gorgeous weather, perfect out there. our high temperature today warmer than yesterday. but we're talking about sunshine and temperatures in the 80s, and we'll take it. >> any day. >> after that summer, we'll take it. let's get to it. and there we go. warming up, we, believe it or not, had temperatures a couple of hours, when gurvir got here early this morning, i stayed in this morning -- >> you what? >> i slept in this morning. just kidding. i made it late here this morning. in winchester, 40s to start the day and now 60s. 70 many culpeper. 66 in fredericksberg. nice start to the day. 72 in leonardtown. warmer along the water. 70 in annapolis and 69 in baltimore. i mentioned high temperatures will be well into the 80s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. but it should be another beautiful afternoon. bright sunshine expected. look at the beaches nice- looking conditions from virginia beach right up into southern new england as we're
9:31 am
expecting quiet conditions. so one more nice day. water temperatures still running in the 70s. and out to the west, a couple of clouds north and west near the great lakes and we might see a couple of clouds until the -- in the forecast. and into the middle and end of the week, a cold front will come through on thursday and friday. and ahead of that a warming trend. so 85 today and we'll be near 90 by wednesday. so a bit of a warming trend and then cooling down again toward the end of the week. want to take you to the tropics. western gulf. this is tropical storm hermine. 8th tropical storm of the season. watch it blow up in the last couple of frappes -- a couple of tracks to the north and west about 8 miles per hour and could make landfall in a couple of days in texas. and so they have storm watches for texas as our 8th storm of the season has formed but nothing along the atlantic. our forecast is a good one. mostly sunny skies and warmer
9:32 am
than yesterday, 85 degrees. winds nice and light out of the south. and that will keep us mild tonight with overnight lows in the mid-60s. 64 and not as cool as this morning. here is your five-day forecast. and again this is a very nice week weather-wise with a lot of sunshine each day. high temperatures near 90 on wednesday. i mentioned a cold front. there it is. thursday and friday, high temperatures only in the low 80s. and i know we need some rain. it's been about two weeks, but not in this five-day forecast. maybe by saturday. that's it for the forecast. back to you, allison, at the desk. >> tucker, thank you. now to big redskins news. washington post reporting that albert haynesworth may not start in this sunday's regular season opener against dallas. the post said mike shanahan has lost his patience and that haynesworth only took part in a few plays during practice on saturday. on top of that his performance on thursday's last preseason game was disappointing. no comment yet from coach
9:33 am
shanahan. >> well did he quit or was he fired? the latest on the jest blue flight attendant. why are these people breaking out their lassos. the ranger would proud. and another look at today's trivia question. a lot of people have labor day off. when was the first labor day observation? was it 1905, 1964, 1885 or 1882. answer is coming up later. stick around for that. we're back in just a moment. 
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a little bit of a dispute between jet blue and the flight attendant who made a big exit from a plane last month. jet blue said that 38-year-old steven slater was officially
9:37 am
fired sometime last week after an investigation into the incident. but slater's lawyer said he resigned and his leaving wasn't the airline's decision. you might remember that he made national headlines when he cursed out passengers, grabbed a beer from the beverage cart and exited through the emergency slide. and kara dioguardi is leaving the american idol judge's table. fox confirmed that she is stepping down and will not return for the show's 10th season. simon cowell and ellen degeneres will also not return leaving only randy jackson at the table. there has been no official word on replacements, though aerosmith lead man steven tyler is rumored to be one replacement. and take another look -- or a look at two other potential replacements. what do you think about that? >> i don't think so. >> i'll be up for the challenge. so if called up by fox to do
9:38 am
this and make a sack load of money and have fun. >> now you're talking. >> then i will do it. >> but will you be more like paula? >> yeah, i can't be harsh. >> i can be simon. that would be fun. pay us a lot of money and we'll do it. take a look at this. mexican charos lasso up for a world record. the cowboys twirled their rope for three minutes to beat the record from texas last year. sunday's record-breaking is a way of keeping the mexican customs alive. the event is part of the international mariachi and charria festival. >> i like how you roll your r's. it's labor day and some are observing the occasion with a parade. >> and that includes our own julie wright. she's out serving as the mistress of ceremonies for the parade in gaithersburg.
9:39 am
how are you doing out there? it is gorgeous. >> reporter: it is gorgeous. and it's the unofficial end of summer. and i don't like to say goodbye to summer but it is the 72nd annual labor day parade and i hoch you had your green eggs and ham. guess who is with me today. and it's thing one and two and the cat in the hat. and come on out. the cat in the hat, what do you have to have say about this? >> this is great. i've been coming here for years. this is the third time in the parade. >> reporter: and you haven't aged a bit. this is thing two. what school do you go to? >> i go to sovereign elementary school. >> reporter: and you're like me, in need of hairspray today, don't you think. >> yes. >> reporter: and thing one, where do you go? >> middle school. >> are you excited this year? >> yeah. >> reporter: well thing one and two will be out here for the parade and come on out and
9:40 am
enjoy us. old town gaithersburg, the streets will be shut down at 1:00. we have horses and clowns and of course me. and we hope you will enjoy us. the parade has been around for 72 years and we hope you can enjoy us for fun and dancing. i didn't teach them that move, gurvir, i promise you that. but it's a lot of fun. there is a lot of food and a lot of -- like i said, the horses and clowns and the fire department and the police department. we have congressmen here and everybody. we have people as far north as clarksburg to join the parade. so come on out as well. let's shake it one more time for the crew back home. woo. >> julie, you have done this now -- this is your second year, right, doing this? >> reporter: yeah, my second year doing this parade. >> home town girl. i love that. >> reporter: i live right here. it's great. it's like i live right here, i can walk to the parade and it's
9:41 am
a great community. we hope more people will come on out. so come on in. >> that's what it's all about. >> the weather should be great. >> thanks, julie. an important recall to tell you about involving your pet. we'll have that after the break. plus speaking of pets, we have a few here in our studios looking for a good home. how you can say no to that face? we'll introduce you to our new friends. and holly is taking a step back in time. a very big step. she's live at an event that will take you way back. keep it right here on the other side of the break. we'll have all of that. ksgo t!
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a consumer letter for through morning. a leading pet product company is volume untearly recalling nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats because of salmonella concerns. now the move comes after random sample testing by the fda. the effected treats are hearts natural real beef treats for
9:45 am
dogs. the effected treats are stamped with the lot code b, as in boy, z 0969101 e as in earl. the new jersey company hasn't received any reports of illness but thur urging customers to throw the treats out. you can get more information about the batch number we told you about on our website at if you are looking for a furry companion to join you and your family, we have some cute and cuddly pets to introduce you to this week. joining us now, our friend patty stinson. you've been here before. >> and thank you for having us back. >> and logan. and they are volunteers at forever home. and they are a rescue. and this is exactly the kind of work that you do.
9:46 am
this beautiful puppy is deaf? >> yes. she is a double merle and often times the results are blindness and deafness. >> and tell us about her character. >> she's sweet and wonderful and playful. she doesn't know she's deaf. she's been deaf since birth so it's regular to her. and there are not a lot of accommodations. you can get her attention by stomping on the floor or flashing a light and her foster homes have been training her to obey hand signals. stay and come. >> so she's smart as a whip. >> and she's an australian shepherd mix which are smart and beautiful as you can see. and she's very capable of learning. only thing, when we place her, we'd like to put her either as an only dog or just one other dog. because it's a rambunctious home, she can get startled easy when awakened and just to avoid any potential problems. a one-dog or two-dog home. >> she's a special girl.
9:47 am
>> she's very good and very well behaved and very smart. >> and logan, you are probably the youngest guest we've had for our pet project on mondays. what do you get out of volunteers with forever homes? >> well i love playing with the dogs. >> and it's as simple as that. and they need that tlc. >> especially with the puppy mill dogs. they need hands-on attention to be brought into a normal home. you roll around on your floor with your dog and these dogs don't know that. and so when we get young volunteers it socializes them to where they should be. >> and tell us who logan is holding. >> logan is holding cali and she's a pekingese mix. she came from a breeder who was also a hoarder. she was matted, dirty and scared. and you can see with a little love and attention, good food and medical care, she's fabulous.
9:48 am
she is ready to go. very low maintenance and she has no left-over issues from being a puppy mill dog. >> amazing how resilient these wonderful creatures are. >> and who do you have? >> this is rusty? and he is a puppy mill dog. and i believe they can be rehabilitated it just takes more time with some than with others. and rusty has come a long way. only thing he has issues with is that he's afraid of stairs. so he has to be carried up and downstairs. i believe he can overcome that with a little work and his foster mom tells us that he needs to be held like a football to feel comfortable. >> he is a little football. >> and this is his preferred method of transportation. >> those big brown eyes. how can you say no. and you have a weekly adoption event. >> at chantilly petco in greenbrier shopping center from
9:49 am
1-4:00 and on saturday at webber's supermarket, i believe it's every other saturday and the information is on our website. and i just want to put out there that fostering is a family activity and the amount of dogs we can say that are directly tied to the amount of fosters homes we can have, if you have all of the money in the world and if you don't people loving the dogs and caring for them and bringing them back to where they should be, it's not the money, it's the people that makes a difference. various time commitments from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, we can fit anybody's schedule willing to help us. >> we appreciate you coming in and bringing in the wonderful friends and we hope everybody gets a forever home. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> hope to see you again. >> they're mighty sweet. thanks, al. the renaissance vest real and -- festival and holly is there as they are opening up. >> reporter: they open at 10:00 a.m. and this guy just came up and
9:50 am
gave me this. he's a colig raffer and his name is michael toby. and it's a bookmark that he made for me. and it's an example of one of the many personalized things you can get here. they have hundreds of vendors that are very good at what they do. in addition to the hundreds of participants and actors that also are very good at what te- - what they do. and so we are hanging out with stefon who is better known as swamy and this is mab and they are part of the cheeky monkey side show. earlier i caused them cheesy. how did i come up with that word? maybe it was a slip. but cheesy monkey -- cheeky monkey side show. >> we are a group of performers that do shocking things to ourselves for the entertainment of others. >> reporter: so right here is where we say kids, don't try any of this at home. okay, don't do it.
9:51 am
and mab. >> i think you have something right here on your -- >> reporter: right here? >> ill might need your help getting it out. is that okay. >> just go like this and make a typical pinching gesture, just hold it right there. don't push. jingling is not cool either. are you ready? >> are you ready? >> i'm making this up as i go along. hold on a second. ladies and gentlemen, six inches. >> reporter: now how does one discover they can do that? >> it's not brain matter. you go see a side show and you go home and you start doing things in the privacy of your own home that you probably shouldn't. >> reporter: and this is where i say kids, do not try this at home. do not try this at home. >> at home is fine because your parents have the basis for a cash settlement.
9:52 am
>> reporter: and dare i say you have more. >> we have more, ma'am. i have a basket filled with one of the best things about the ren fair, beer bottles. >> reporter: right. a lot of that goes down here. they have a lot of different pubs for people to enjoy. so that's all real glass? we're not taking anything here? >> no, ma'am. >> tas over 50 broken wine and beer bottles and we like to call it the lost weekend. >> and what i'm going to attempt to do now is walk on it, or better yet, because we are pressed for time, i'm going to need your assistance. >> reporter: i'm not walking on it, sister. >> can i borrow this. >> swamy, would you care to tell her. >> reporter: about in the center. we have a minute of time. >> and what we're going to do, is mab will put her unprotected face and lady parts into the
9:53 am
glass. >> reporter: we see the lady parts. >> i'm going to ask you to put your right arm around my shoulder. and if you can take your left foot and put it in the center of mab's back. a little bit lower. and we'll count to three and you'll take your right food and put it on the side of the head smashing her face into the shards. >> reporter: ma'am, i swear i like you. i really do. >> nothing says love like -- >> here we go. one, two, three. and there it is, ladies and gentlemen, in the broken glass. and mab of the cheeky monkey side show. are you done, mab? >> reporter: she is falling asleep. there is something not right for you. should we show everyone that you're okay. i'm assuming that you are. >> sure.
9:54 am
right foot first. and then on our break and how is that left cheek doing? >> your other left, mab. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you have a little piece of glass right there. >> reporter: when do you perform? >> we are on the black friar stage at noon every weekend at renaissance festival except october 2nd and 3rd. >> reporter: very good. is our website and we have a link to theirs. con on out and let the merriment abound. >> as long as she's having fun, then i guess. >> to each his own, right? >> we're back in just a minute with the answer to today's trivia question. and if you have a question you would like to have me answer, why not? why not ask allison, i ask you. log on to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison and i will answer questions on almost any
9:55 am
topic. we answer those questions friday during the 9:00 a.m. hour of fox 5 morning news. back in a moment. are you watching cable?
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now let's answer the trivia question today. many have the day off to observe labor day. so when was the first labor day observation? the answer, it was tuesday, september 5th, 1882 in new york city by the central labor union. in june of 1894, congress passed an act marking the first monday in september of each year a legal federal holiday. forget the labor day barbecue, get ready for mexican food. friday a crowd gathered in mexico city to put together a record-breaking taco. the 164-foot long creation was the largest made in mexico. >> all right. that's a big old taco, indeed.
9:59 am
and a big congratulations to sonia the black widow thomas of alexandria, virginia. you can believe she's still just 100 pounds. she beat the top professional eater, joey chestnut, in this year's national buffalo wing festival in buffalo, new york. she only weighs about 100 pounds and was able to scarf down 181 chicken wings in five minutes and that's nearly five pounds of wings. chestnut was favored to win but he only ate 169 and thomas said she was still hungry after the contest and ate 20 more wings. >> do you think we're the only country that features eating contests? >> you think so? nasty. i don't like watching that or thinking about what happens after that. >> and there were thousands of people there. and if you're going to an easting contest or having one in your background, it's nice. 85re


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